Alexander Balaska

studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics, worked five years in the sales management of the Austrian Airlines cooperation for Northern Africa, Southern and Western Europe, and was appointed into the top management of the Austrian aviation company at the young age of thirty-one years only. There he managed the project office of the Executive Board Committee and was responsible of the company-wide restructuring program with a successful saving of over two hundred million Euros in 2002.

Since he had gotten involved into the mental aspects of success when he was thirteen years old and had undergone intensive trainings in the mental area on international basis parallel to all his management positions, he has begun passing on his knowledge and expertise on a broader basis as a management consultant and business coach as of 2003. In 2004 he was invited as a certified mindset trainer and mental coach by tennis world number one athlete Thomas Muster's former manager and coach Ronny Leitgeb assisting him in setting up a mental center in Monte Carlo, which brought him access to professional sports as well. From then on he has shared his knowledge and his experience besides amateur and professional athletes with managers, entrepreneurs, executives and politicians. In addition he combines thousands of years old ancient knowledge of native peoples with the latest findings of modern consciousness research.

Alexander Balaska, fascinated by the "power of the mind" since 1983, considers himself despite all his expertise in deep psychology primarily as an entrepreneur expanding his business in the consumer goods industry out of Switzerland on a world wide basis. He has publised his long lasting and extensive experience in management, entrepreneurship and the mental area of success in two books so far and also teaches at the Vienna University of Economics.

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