"Mr. Balaska, I have hardly ever received such a lot of positive feedback regarding personnel development than from your success training & mindset coaching. Congratulations!" Thomas Strasser, Head of Human Resources, Schott Rohrglas GmbH Mitterteich, Bavaria

„Thank you once again for your training, for me the best of all seminars I have ever experienced. My boss calls me “training junkie”, but your seminar and your inputs have led me to significant progress already within the first 2 weeks. Your techniques are absolutely present and very helpful to me. Many thanks for these special moments. With kind regards, Karin.”
Karin Grollitsch, Qualitymanagement, Kärntner Bildungswerk

"Out of all seminars I have ever attended the success training seminar with Alexander is the one which has influenced my life most deeply and most lasting. I have learned to exactly define my goals and furthermore to consequently pursue them according all that I have learned."
Ing. Franz Zoppoth, executive director A. Zoppoth Haustechnik-GmbH

"This training with Alexander Balaska uncovers your inner potential; it makes it tangible on the one side and shows you specific methods how to use it on the other side. Alexander Balaska demonstrates the path of success and accompanies you on your own way for a certain distance. Then it´s up to your own responsibility to take the bull by the horns in order to succeed. Personal success, however, becomes very concrete: after 8 months only I have already achieved 7 of my 11 one-year-goals, and the missing 4 are currently in various states of realisation!" Nikolaus Kern, MBA, Director IP Provisioning, Vienna

"Success training and mindset coaching with Alexander Balaska clears up your field of vision and broadens your personal scope of action. It reinforces your personal power and increases positive energy, thus enabling you to reach your personal goals!" Barbara Goess, Deputy Manager of the Spanish Riding School, Vienna

"I have honestly enjoyed each and every single session. The group trainings as well as the bilateral sessions were so intense and sustainable that they implemented a wonderful automatism in my daily use of these powerful mind techniques. I am already looking forward to meeting Mr. Balaska again in order to deepen these absolute positive impressions even more!" Klaus Schuller, head of technical shifts and maintenance, Schott Rohrglas GmbH, Mitterteich , Bavaria

"I have experienced a 5 months´ leadership coaching by Alexander Balaska which I definitely see as a gift for my personal development. Mr. Balaska´s specific and targeted questions during these weekly coaching sessions led to efficient and substantial solutions of my current challenges. I have experienced this instrument of personal coaching being so efficient and successful that it is incomparable with any other form of leadership training."
Gottfried Haas, Manager Tubing Processing , Schott Rohrglas GmbH, Mitterteich, Bavaria

"Respect, Mr. Balaska, your training is the first one that really has effective impact on daily business as well as on private life! Your seminar is the first one really worth its money!" Heide Dick, staff planning, Schott Rohrglas GmbH, Mitterteich, Bavaria

"It is unbelievable how easy the application of mind techniques work and how fast and efficient they take effect. The success training and mindset coaching with Alexander Balaska brought joy and happiness back into my daily work as I have not experienced them for 10 to 15 years!" Wolfgang Zettl, Head of Production Technical Tubes , Schott Rohrglas GmbH Mitterteich, Bavaria

"I can recommend Mr. Balaska´s mindset coaching to everybody who is eager to take a look into unconventional thoughts, ideas and methods in order to revise personal views and goals and to develop one's personal mind potential. Due to it's adaptation to personal requirements as well as permanent feedback in single coaching sessions I have experienced the training to be very effective.” Dr. André Witzmann , Head of Development Physical Techniques, Schott Rohrglas GmbH Mitterteich , Bavaria

“What I have found through the help of Alexander: unlimited and balanced energy, incredible enthusiasm, silently but brightly shining happiness within myself, relaxation, tranquillity and the absolute certainty that I am capable of achieving everything in life if I really want it strongly enough... again thousand thanks for everything!” Doris Furthmayr, Senior Consultant in Executive Search; Vienna, Austria

“Alexander has an incredible understanding of how the world and especially people are ´functioning´. He feels exactly where you currently are regarding your ´journey through life´, and without saying what you have to do, he helps you find your personal vision respectively define the life you really want to live. He has so many methods and techniques in his mind, so that working with him is like taking an ´elevator to one's personal success´. For me, he helped me really to improve the quality of my life, and it's incredible to see how he loves doing this...”
Christian Thomazeau, entrepreneur ; Nice, France

"Through the help of Alexander I have found that human thoughts are more powerful than I would ever have expected. I experienced that strong positive thoughts and believes give a person the power to become healthy and happy again…finding hope, where there was no hope anymore, and building up self-confidence, where you thought that there was none anymore…I am not sure if I would have made this experience without Alexander…” Claudia Katalin Schindler, banker, ERSTE BANK; Vienna, Austria

"I have been in contact with Alexander for over a year. I was having sleeping problems due to a very confused and nervous state of mind. I asked some advice to Alexander, and with simple breathing techniques he showed me, I succeeded in finding a better sleep. And the improvement was very fast. You don't have to wait long to feel the results…
Alexander's analysis and knowledge of the human mind brings him to pinpoint the exact problems and he helps focusing in solving them…
Alexander has the aura of self-confidence, without any arrogance…he knows exactly what he wants and where he wants to go himself. This is something I believe he can teach very well, and this helps people in taking their right decisions themselves."
Ivan Topalovic, entrepreneur; Monte Carlo, Monaco

"Alexander has helped me a lot during the recent years giving me inputs for high peak performance especially in sports as well as in ´normal´ life, exceeding personal limits and to believe in myself. He motivated me to use mind techniques, whose applications sure have always been dependant on myself, but whose effects have also astonished me each time I used them. I hope Alexander will continue helping me seeing the world and myself with different eyes.” Christina Gschweidl, student, Austrian Master 2004 in Beach Volleyball, 9th place at the European World Championships 2003; Klosterneuburg, Austria

"Alexander showed me being in a good inner balance, to find back to positive feelings, passion, happiness and fun, being ready for new challenges, to explore one's true capabilities and do everything within one's potential, to go beyond personal limits... With unbelievable sensitiveness Alexander gave me an understanding of personality growth and thus creating the skill and intuition for improving inner satisfaction and the quality of life...Thank you again, and may even more people listen to your messages!" Gabriele Wagner, banker; Vienna, Austria

"After experiencing a severe personal crises Alexander helped me back on my feet again…and only he knows how much I suffered at these times…In addition he taught me mind techniques to use whenever I would experience any setbacks, which I applied and today I feel really happy and ´back on track´!” Gabriele Steiner, office executive; Vienna, Austria

"Alexander's coaching made me believe in myself as well as in my capabilities again, helped me to define goals, not to lose sight of their path and to enjoy the success. This strengthened my self-confidence and improved the quality of my life significantly. Thank you so much!!!” Martina Pejchar, Assistent , Vienna