Training contents

  • Introduction into the world of mental strength
  • Getting to know the power of thought as pure energy
  • Understanding the basic principles of mental strength
  • Finding out the correlation between the consciousness and subconsciousness
  • Learning "mental hygiene" as basis for mental strength
  • Strengthening the power of concentration and discipline of thought
  • Taking advantage of the interaction between the consciousness and subconsciousness
  • Recognizing and moving personal boundaries
  • Immersing into deep relaxation and states of consciousness within seconds as an anti-stress technique and for working with the subconsciousness
  • Achieving better and faster decision processes by surfacing one´s mission, values ​​and goals
  • Creating a personal mental "head-up display"
  • Establishing and learning to use the mental platform of the "Tiki garden"
  • Going through an intense goals´ workshop
  • Getting to know psychological strategies for success and the "ultimate success formula"
  • Applying "mental accelerators"
  • Finding "mental blockades" such as inner beliefs, fears or hindering personal experiences
  • Learning how to positively influence discussion and negotiation situations or partners
  • Increasing personal energy levels for the demands of everyday life

Your personal benefit